Cedar Dog Ear Fence

Cedar dog ear fence

Cedar Dog Ear Fence
Available heights:

-4 feet
-6 feet
-8 feet
Custom wood stain and paint available

Western Red Cedar Fencing – Quality / Duration / Beauty

Western Red Cedar fences have numerous benefits for homeowners and business owners that choose
this exceptional wood product. Whether the reason you’re thinking about getting a Western Red Cedar
fence is for added privacy, keeping pets or small children inside your yard, preventing access to your
property from strangers or enhancing the appeal of your property, you can’t go wrong with selecting
this species of wood.

In addition to the practical features that come with a Western Red Cedar fence, you also will enjoy these
added benefits:

A longer lifespan. Even in the toughest outdoor environment a Western Red Cedar (WRC) fence
should last 20 years. Western Red Cedar is an extremely durable species of wood. It’s also naturally
adept at fending off rot and fungi spores. No other species of wood fencing can make this claim.

Adaptable. Western Red Cedar is hydroscopic, which makes it capable of absorbing water
quickly when it’s wet outside and then release it back into the air later, preventing cracks from
happening. This makes the wood an excellent choice for a home’s fence practically anywhere in the

Attractiveness. A WRC fence can be stained, oiled or left with their natural color. Over time
weathering will turn the hue of the unstained wood to a silvered color. As well, the wood gives off a
natural aroma (a chemical compound called thujaplicins) that most people find pleasing, and which
also repels insects from burrowing into the wood.

Durability. Western Red Cedar is easy to cut but it’s also the most durable softwood found in
North America. You can drill or nail into WRC and the wood will hold the fastener securely. Warping
is not common for properly installed Western Red Cedar, even after decades of use and being
exposed to the elements.

Strength. Fences constructed with Western Red Cedar have 80% of the strength of oak but with
only a portion of oak’s mighty weight.

Noise reduction. Want to enjoy that warm summer sun in your backyard? Your cedar fence will
help block out distracting sounds from traffic, the neighborhood kids and other noise. In fact, cedar
has nearly three-quarters of the sound dampening ability of concrete!