Cat Fence


Patented Cat Containment System Keeps Your Cat Safe in Your Yard and Stray Cats Out!

Yes! CAT FENCE-IN™ Really Works!

Since 1990 throughout the United States and Canada, CAT FENCE-IN™ is still keeping thousands of cats safe in their yards.

CAT FENCE-IN™ stops cats from climbing over fences and up trees. It fits on any height wood, vinyl, masonry, wire or chain link fence. Kits attach together to meet the length of any size fence.

• Safe, Narrow

• Strong, Flexible

• Non-Electric

• Almost Invisible

• Cats will try to climb anything which “looks” sturdy. Our system is made of strong materials but does not “look” sturdy to a cat.

• If a cat sees any gap in a containment system he will go through it. Our trained professionals install Cat Fence-In so it has no gaps.

• If a cat can sit or stand and claw at or chew on the netting, he may put a hole in it. Our system is mounted on top of the fence and keeps the netting away from the cat.

• An attachment banding woven through one edge of the netting keeps it tight against the fence and prevents cats from going under it to get out.

• We provide,  ”snow clips” at no charge. These prevent damage to netting and brackets during heavy wet snows.


Designed to last for years

• Sturdy custom steel brackets and rods are rust proofed for durability against sun and weather.

• Netting is light, flexible, and strong polypropylene which has a break load of over 50 lbs. per sq. inch. Ultra violet ray inhibitors prevent deterioration.


Barrier Kit


Keeps your cat in your yard only. Works on any fence taller than 5 ft.

The STRATO barrier extends out 16 inches and the netting hangs down 20 inches. The hanging netting is secured to the fence every 8 ft. with twist tie to keep it stationary.

If you have high obstacles close to your fence such as planters, wood piles, air conditiong units, hot tubs, etc., use the COMBINATION barrier in that area. COMBINATION and STRATO barriers can be joined together.

Barrier Kit

Keeps your cat in your yard and stray cats out. Works on any height fence from 3 ft. on up.

Brackets are mounted above netting and extend 16 inches into the yard. Adjustable vertical rods attach to the end of the brackets and angle upward 20 inches.

The COMBINATION barrier works on any tall or short fence. It adds 20 inches of height to an existing fence. When a cat jumps over a short fence he first jumps or climbs to the top. The COMBINATION barrier prevents the cat from jumping or climbing to the top of the fence because the netting is between the cat and his landing place.